How I converted movies from 360 elite to DVD and burned!!!

After you have recorded to harddrive...

Press blue button to safely remove HD...

Hook harddrive to pc..

Go to my computer and and you will see your HD drive..

Open it and drag the movie you recorded to desktop..

Open the folder and you will see several files, pick the largest "TRP File" that will be the movie..

I used the "ConvertXtoDVD" program..

Open the""ConvertXtoDVD Program" and drag and drop the "TRP File" into it..
then hit convert,put a blank DVD into dvd drive and after the movie is converted it will go straight to burning it..

Drawer will open when its finished...

If you try to play it on your pc and it won't , reboot your pc and then you should be able to play it with your program. It played perfect on all things i tryed it in !!!

If before it starts to converts, a box may pop up and ask you a question with options to pick"pick Reduce" it just makes title fit movie, hurts nothing else.....

I used DVD + R

Good Luck, it burned perfect several times !!!!!!!