After much trial and error with antennas and amplifiers, because of my location (in the Sacramento valley 24' ASL) and the hills 'tween us and the San Francisco Bay area, I have been unsuccessful in acquiring any channels than what is broadcast in the valley OTA. We would like expand our horizon to allow viewing, not just out of the valley, but out of the state. Since we know zip about C-Band or Ku Band, we feel that it is best to get a package.
Before we do that, where can we find information on channels that we can acquire from our location? Is there a Satellite book for dummies?
And what about publications out there, such as magazines? What are the advantages/disadvantages tween KuBand dishes and C-Band dishes?
Apart from the size. Currently we have DirecTV , which we are looking to ditch. I don't really have any favorite channels, although the wife would love to still get AMC. So, if anybody can share their knowledge with me, I would be most grateful. In the meantime, its off to the warehouse store to get my money back...

Sacramento, CA