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  • 1 Post By goku1590
Satellite Setup & Installation (Single Sat, Multi-Sat & Motorised Systems) Thread, need help in Satellite Equipment; Maybe i have my setup all wrong but im using a DPP TWIN LNB and im using a DPP separator.Have ...
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    codslekk is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2012

    need help

    Maybe i have my setup all wrong but im using a DPP TWIN LNB and im using a DPP separator.Have ports from the lnb 1 and 2 hooked to the seperator 1 and 2 slots.Then cable running to my Nfusion solaris.Im kinda new to this but I had signal for sat 119 but then it would lose signal and get signal from sat 129.Maybe I have my sat pointed to far from 119.Or maybe im doing something wrong or missing something.
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    goku1590's Avatar
    goku1590 is offline Administrator
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    Jun 2006
    your dp lnb already has a built in switch so why are you adding the extra switch???
    take the extra switch out and try running only one cable to the receiver and set one sat on port1 and the other on port2 if you are seeing 129 as a sat instead of the sat you want then you probably are aimed wrong.
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    nixon_r is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2012
    The DP separator will not work with FTA receivers, the only one that will is the SV Elite


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