USB Flash Drive
Unzip program


Make sure to enter SP6000 files for an SP6000, SP6000 Premium files for an SP6000 Premium.

First setup a folder on your computer desktop for your Neusat bin files.

Download the latest Bin file

Unzip the Bin file

Insert the usb flash drive into a usb port on your computer and let it
recognize (It will show up as a Drive letter E: or G: Ect)

Copy the current Neusat bin file onto your USB flash drive (not zip file itself)

Safely remove your flash drive

Now take your USB flash drive and go to your receiver put the USB flash drive in and turn it on. A screen should pop up showing files on the memory stick, select file to load.

Alternatively turn on the receiver, put your USB flash drive in

Go to Menu System Settings

Select the option that says USB

This should bring up the files that are on your USB flash drive, select the file to load.

DO NOT interrupt the install process leave it alone while it installs and completely reboots.


Scan largest satellites first highest number down to smaller sat numbers (note you should not scan more satellites than your d*sh/d*sh are able handle) if you are unsure please ask.

Scan Satellites one at a time

DO NOT DO A MULTI SCAN as it will give you many duplicates, so it is best to scan one at a time
Go to Menu Installation

Enter password (default is 0000)

On the left side, scroll down to your satellite

Click "OK" button as this will highlight that Satellite (in blue)

Select the right arrow button on your remote to take you to your Antenna Settings for that Satellite

Scroll down to LNB Type and select your type of LNB

Scroll down to Diseqc and select the port for that satellite

Turn "Network Search" to "ON"

Click "OK" button on remote

Highlight the Satellite and press OK so it turns kind of blueish

Hit blue button on remote to start scanning for channels for that satellite
A red bar will pop up and scan, hit OK when it gets to 100%

Repeat steps for every satellite you have aimed at and only the ones you are aimed at.

Now after you have scanned all your sat one at a time ,Click on the Grey SORT button ( its right above the INFO button )
Now a menu appears Choose sort by Service ID.

Turn auto roll on (Menu, User preferences, toggle with volume up button, OK)
Put on PPV Channel for example 510 let keys roll and you should be watching TV


If auto roll is not working you have to manually enter the keys. Turn auto roll off (Menu, User preferences, toggle with volume up button, OK)

Go to Menu System Settings, Select Hot Keys

You will notice that the keys posted on this website are two lines each with 16 paired letter/number combinations. One line is the active line (identified) and the other is the inactive line.

In "Hot Keys" however it is broken up to become four lines, the first two are the active key lines and the second two are the inactive key lines.

Scroll to keys lines which you want to change

left/Right arrow to select CA System

left/right arrow to select "NagraVision" or "Nagra"

Down arrow to go to Provider name selection

left/right arrow to select provider, "d*sh Network"

Press OK to bring up that providers full sets of keys

Press BLUE Button to change keys

The Input Value screen pops up

At the top, the first character of the key string is highlighted

Below that is a alpha-numeric pad

Select first new character

At top, highlighted character moves one character to the left

Select next character, and so on, and so on, until full key data is entered

Select the on-screen Done key and press OK on the RCU

Down/up arrow to select next line of key data, and press Blue button ... Done, then OK when finished

Press RED button to save new keys data

One Extra note on entering keys:

You will notice that the keys are listed in two lines an active and an inactive line, but you have four lines.

Line 1 is the first 00/86 Pair
Line 2 is the second 00/86 Pair
Line 3 is the first 8 01/96 Pair
Line 4 is the second 8 01/96 Pair

Enter all four lines of keys.