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  • 2 Post By goku1590
Limesat Support Thread, what are the right files in Limesat; I have come to the conclusionm problems are from the file I am using. What are the right files. I ...
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    steelribbon2000 is offline VIP Member
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    Oct 2006

    what are the right files

    I have come to the conclusionm problems are from the file I am using. What are the right files. I have a new ultra limesat. It will not take the 2.73 file nor the 1.03 it all says fail. I did get the one v2 one and it took it. However am I missing something?When I scan my port 2 I get hardly any channels my $ server is for the echo. There is an upgrade to the v2 but it also says fail.

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    goku1590's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Why would you conclude that it is a file issue?
    Have you looked at your other thread you have?
    If you are having trouble loading files I would suggest using the loader program and the null modem cable to load with.
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    Read the forums they are your friends and will usually answer all your questions.
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